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Office: Social Sciences and Humanities 2147


Curriculum Vitae


My vision of education is student-centered and based on a learning rather than an instructional paradigm. I want to empower my students to think critically and creatively about the economic, social, and environmental challenges of our times in an active learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.



ARE 136: Managerial Marketing (Spring 2021)

ARE 133: Introductory Behavioral Economics (Fall 2019)

ARE 132: Cooperative Bussiness Enterprises (Winter 2021)

ARE 100B: Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall 2017)

ARE 147 (147M): Resource and Environmental Policy Analysis (Winter 2017)

Student Resources:

Diversity and Inclusion in Research, Education, and Career Training (DIRECT) Program (Press Release)

Managerial Economics Undergraduate Honors Thesis Program (Website)

Career Connection Speaker Series (Website)

Instructor Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions: Student Resource Page and Canvas Plug-In (Integration Instructions)


Kristin Kiesel, Mariah D. Ehmke, Kathryn Boys, Bhagyashree Katare, Jerrod Penn, and Jason Bergtold 2021. What Do Our Students Think? Perceptions of Transitioning to Remote Learning During the Pandemic at Land-Grant Universities. Western Economics Forum 19(1): 103–119. pdf-file

Roger Brown, Lynn Hamilton, Kristin Kiesel, Julianne Treme, and Na Zuo 2021.Pedagogical Pivot - Faculty Reflections on the Rapid Transition to Virtual Teaching During COVID-19. Western Economics Forum 19(1): 120-129. pdf-file

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Kristin Kiesel 2020. Citrus Wars, A Short Case Study and Teaching Materials AAEA Online Learning and Teaching Resources (Download)

Research interests:

My research focuses on the economics of food consumption with an emphasis on information effects. I am interested in analyzing the impact of labeling regulations and other policy interventions on consumer choice. I also consider marketing opportunities for producers or retailers as well as strategic firm response in general as important factors with welfare implications.


Brittney Goodrich, Kristin Kiesel, and Ellen Bruno 2021. Differential Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on California’s Produce and Nut Industries. Western Economics Forum 19(1): 58-74. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel and Mengxin Ji 2021. Did State-mandated Restrictions on Sugar-sweetened Drinks in California High Schools Increase Soda Consumption in School Neighborhoods? Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (Jan). pdf-file

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Kristin Kiesel and Sofia B. Villas-Boas 2013. Can Information Costs Affect Consumer Choice? Nutritional Labels in a Supermarket Experiment. International Journal of Industrial Organization 31(2): 153-163.  pdf-file

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Kristin Kiesel 2012."A Definition at Last, but What Does it All Mean?" Newspaper Coverage of the USDA Organic Seal and its Effects on Food Purchases. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 37(1): 34–57. pdf-file

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Kristin Kiesel and Sofia B. Villas-Boas 2007. Got Organic Milk? Consumer Valuations of Milk Labels after the Implementation of the USDA Organic Seal. Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization 5:1-38. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, David Buschena, and Vincent Smith 2005. Do Voluntary Biotechnology Labels Matter to the Consumer? Evidence from the Fluid Milk Market. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87, 2: 378-392. pdf-file

Kristin Kiesel, David Buschena, and Vincent Smith 2004. Consumer Acceptance and Labeling of GMOs in Food Products: a Study of Fluid Milk Demand. In R.D. Evenson and Vittorio Santaniello (Eds.): Consumer Acceptance of Biotechnology foods, CABI Publishing.

Reports and Feasibility Studies:

Kristin Kiesel , Rachael E. Goodhue, Richard J. Sexton, and Ashley Spalding 2021. E. Coli in the Romaine Lettuce Industry: Economic Impacts from the November 2018 Outbreak. Full Report, Summary

Kristin Kiesel and Ashley Spalding 2019. Towards a Solano County Local Food System - A Feasibility Study of Proposed Solano Community Food Centers And Next Steps To Support a Local Food Economy Complete Study, Summary

Kristin Kiesel and Ashley Spalding 2018. A Food Business Incubator in the Sacramento Region - Feasibility Study of Alchemy Kitchen Complete Study

Center for Science in the Public Interest 2015. Food Education in America pdf-file

My Work in the Media:

Jennifer Fergesen 2019. Incubating Ideas, Hatching Success - Alchemist Microenterprise Academy graduates its first cohort of food entrepreneurs. Comstock's Magazine Online Article

UC Davis World Food Center 2019. Global Potential of Food Innovations. NextGen Food Innovations you can eat (Session 6). ISPG Live Stream (Facebook) Video

Rodger Wasson 2019. Provenance Matters – Kristin Kiesel, UC Davis. Farm to Table Talk Podcast


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